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LGR-FAST80 drilling machine has been designed and implemented for the execution of big diameter drillings (beginning from diam. 83 mm) for the diamond wire passage and for the execution of core drilling for marble drilling in general. The machine is placed on two steel, rectified, chromium-plated columns. The alloyed bronze sliding bushes are well oiled and protected by proper dust-covers. Electric engine for drilling has 4 speeds and allows to adjust diamond tools to different kind of material. During the drilling the feed and the going-up of the machine are controlled by an oleo dynamic plant made up of a mobile hydraulic gear case (with 110/120 pressure). Control electric panel is connected to the hydraulic set. The tube guide system allows to obtain very precise drillings. The clamp with the swift allows an easy and fast tubes reclimbing from the drilling. The anchorage to the ground for vertical or wall-horizontal drilling is obtained through adjustable chains and turnbuckles, which guarantee the maximum stability and security. Besides the execution of total destruction drilling, the machine can be equipped with hollow tools for the execution of core drilling for marble drilling.







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