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The LGR 4 IPTS model with INVERTER, PLC and TOUCH SCREEN is the machine for the granite marble and stone cut with diamond wire. It is suitable for big and difficult cuts and thanks to the installed display, it is possible to set and to monitor every parameters of cutting.
The machine is equipped with an inverter to change the speed of the diamond wire from 0 to 40 mt/sec and an inverter for the towing device in order to change the tension load on the wire. The inverter allows to regulate the speed of the diamond wire during the cutting and to have gradual starts and stops. It is ideal for hard and abrasive materials and for large and difficult cuts. The machine is equipped with a forced ventilation system with air filtering in order to reduce operating temperatures of inverter.
the PLCL allows toh ave intelligent solutions for control and automation of the machine during starting, executiona and stopping of cutting. Thanks to this new system it is possible to have real time pieces of information about the machine’s conditions, absorption of engine, speed of diamond wire, tension of wire etc, in case of fault of equipment, breaking of diamond wire and loss of water flow.
The new remote control panel, equipped with graphic touch screen, allows to execute traditional operations of regulation and control of the machine and to display messages about cutting and equipment.
Thanks to total rotation of the flywheel (360°) and to several lateral and vertical shiftings it is possibile to execute different kind of cutting:
- 2 360° rotation movements
- 2 horizontal movements (total amplitude: 1,80 mt towards right and towards left)
- 2 vertical movements (total slide from earth: 50 cm)
Transfer and rotation movements are realized by an hydraulic power unit, while shifting through chromate tubes and bronze bushes slipping. Rotation movements proceeds by a steel/bronze gear ring hydraulic engine and a steel worm. Machine slipping is realized by a geared motor, cogged drive wheels and a slot tracks, that allow to execute cuts till 25% maximal slope, guarantying an high stability of the machine during cutting operations.
The machine may be supplied with different engines 50/60/ 75 Hp.
Lochtmans diamond wire machines are equipped with accident prevention system in order to avoid risks for workers working near the machine because the break of diamond wire can create projection of circuit elements (matchboards, spacers, springs or parts of cable) and the consequent whip action of the cable.
LGR 4-1S machine is equipped of a very practical and functional protection system.
Thanks to the protection racket and to a simple movement, it can be possible to position the strip protection in any positions of the flywheel engine (360°), without removing the protection system. Protection is extensible and involves all the surface tract covered by diamond wire, also when the machine is in movement. During the movements of the machine , the screen belt lets off covering the area where the diamond wire gones open, being an effective element of protection.Hydraulic tension and rewind of the band.

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