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In addition to the inverter on the main engine and the inverter on the towing device, LGR4 IPTS machine is equipped with plc and with touch screen which present the following advantages:
Each machines controls are displayed on the touch screen, which is placed on a control consol with a remote control system for diamond wire cutting on safety. The big graphic terminal, 10,4" and 256 colours, outer panelís level of protection IP65, offers a simple, clearly legible and user-friendly graphic.
- display for absorption main engine flywheel (Ampere)
- display for speed of machine towing device (% backward movement)
- display for absorption settings
- display for speed of diamond wire (Mt/sec)
- execution time of cutting (Min)
Safety of machine:
- flywheel braking resulting from stop control of main engine
- machine stopping in case of diamond wire breaking (ramp of deceleration)
- machine stopping in case of loss of water during the cutting
- machine stopping at the end of guiding track:
a) when the machine comes at the end of the track, it stops the towing device
b) the flywheel spins the diamond wire for 40 seconds (adjustable time)
c) it stops water flow during cutting
d) the diamond wire continues to cut for 30 sec (adjustable) after closing of water
e) the machine stops and it opens the warning horn
f) the worker sets the machine cutting starts again.
Setting menu:
From setting menu it is possible to set and change the different parameters of configuration, for instance stopping time of the flywheel or the duration of the warning bell. Counters of the duration of automatic cycle, of cutting time and the automatic arrear of meters are also present.
Alarm menu:
In case of fault or anomaly of the machine, like breaking of diamond wire, loss of water, overload of flywheel, overload of towing device and of hydraulic power unit engine, anomalies of control and protection electric materials, etc, an error or alarm message will be displayed on the touch screen, allowing to the worker to know resetting interventions and recording the historian.






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