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Controlled demolition with diamond wire cutting

Nowadays diamonds tools play a more and more important role in building sector, in particular for controlled demolition of cement and reinforced concrete, where speed and accuracy of cutting are very important. Diamond wire cutting requires technical skills in order to execute cutting of all kind of dimension and thickness, with a low noise level and without vibrations. Machine-diamond wire’s potentials are verifiable in cutting of buildings, pillars, under-frames, covers, sheet piles, beams, etc, guarantying a clean and ecofriendly work station with a flat surface, which doesn’t need any other finishing touch. Diamond wire is useful for concrete of any kind of thickness, for metal-strap reinforcement, producing a low noise level, without damaging effect to buildings and without dust. Diamond wire cutting is often cheaper than other kind of cutting. Thanks to its specialized technicians, Lochtmans is able to realize feasibility study and to execute cuttings for building recovery, restoration, demolition, both in private and in public sector.







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